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Microwefting is a brilliant and painless method of hair extension. Hair units are locked to existing hair using specially designed clips. The method is free of heat and glue and application is as quick as its removal. A weft of hair like a long seam is placed in horizontal strips against the head. The hair is then pulled through microrings which are clamped down. This secures the weft in place. The sections are placed about three quarters of an inch apart from each other and are continued in this way till it is attached at the top of the head using clip extensions. The minimum length that would be required to conduct this procedure is about 5 to 6 inches and the process will take approximately 2 hours depending on the thickness of existing hair. With care microweft hair extensions can last up to 4 months. In about 5 weeks though, the rings may have to be repositioned depending on the growth of original hair. Hair can be cut, shampooed and designed the way an individual may desire.

Hair Extension

Hair extensions give hair fullness, length and colour. Hair extensions have various methods of lengthening the hair by integrating either artificial or natural hair with existing hair. Hair extensions have the ability to change appearances drastically and yet giving a realistic appearance. The various types of hair extension methods are outlined below.

  • Fusions: There are three types of fusion methods: hot fusion, cold fusion and flat fusion. Hot fusion hair extensions are keratin hair extensions because natural hair is attached to a keratin based polymer lasting for at least up to 4 months. In cold fusion, hair is pre-tipped with polymer keratin bonding material. It does not use heat and is attached to natural hair strand by strand with the help of ultrasound. In flat fusion, keratin adhesive is applied flat instead of in round tips. It is undetectable and durable lasting for about at least 3 months.
  • Clip-in or clip-on: Clip-on hair extensions are very versatile. They can be worn for the day during a function or for any special occasion. They can be removed at night and reused again when required. Small toupee clips are sewn into the hair weft. An average of eight set of clip-in extensions can be placed in a row with widths of two to eight inches. Hair is sectioned neatly at the nape of the neck and the clips are placed facing the scalp. Each section is backcombed for a more secure grip. Clip-ins are available in various qualities depending on preferences.
  • Sew-in and tape-in: With sew-in hair extensions, one can opt for a full weave or a partial weave. About 3 – 5 braids are tracked horizontally from ear to ear. The weft extensions are sewn to the braids combining both hairs. There are also braidless sew-in hair extensions which uses unprocessed human Malaysian hair. Hair is arranged in similar cuticle directions for minimal tangling and longevity. Tape-in hair extensions are instant and popular. Natural hair is parted and sandwiched between two pieces of taped hair extensions.
Chemo Therapy Wigs

Hair loss can have devastating effects on a patient’s confidence and self-esteem. Clinic Elegance attempts to provide comfort and confidence to cancer patients who are victims to hair loss due to chemotherapy, a treatment essential for the control of cancer. Clinic Elegance aims at compassionate service and aim at changing the way hair loss is viewed during this phase. Our designers design wigs specially trended and styled to perfection for our customers to look fresh and forthcoming. We pride ourselves in providing wigs for individuals with a traditional outlook as well as for people with a more contemporary sense of style. Our environment is extremely discreet and we also offer free and private consultations. Our patients will be surprised to note that their experience with Clinic Elegance is pleasant with aesthetically realistic modern day wigs.

Hair Bonding

Hair bonding: Bonding lasts for a shorter period of time but at the same time helps add volume and integrates vibrant streaks of human hair to existing hair. Hair glue is applied to a section of external natural human hair and then placed on to the natural hair. Hair adhesives used for bonding do not harm natural hair. Medical grade custom wigs can also be attached with the help of bonding. Bonding methods are of two types: hard bond and soft bond.

Hard bond contains cyanoacrylate or super glue and these adhesives last longer than soft bonds because they are not water-based. They may not be very comfortable because they can be rigid.

Soft bond is comfortable and flexible and adhesives can be composed of a latex or acrylic base. It dries up just like rubber glue.

Hair bonding for baldness – partial Partial baldness can be addressed with a non-surgical patch arrangement. Clips are used to provide support to the patch and attached to existing hair. These hairs can be removed everyday and fixed back.

Hair silicon bonding
One of the latest innovations in bonding and hair replacement, silicon bonding uses a patch which is fixed over the area with the help of silicon liquid. Silicon is water proof, medically safe and is deemed as more comfortable as compared to hair weaving. It is affixed to the head and an individual can confidently go about their daily activities of bathing, swimming, gym and sports along with it.

Hair Spa/Hair Rebonding

Hair being the asset that it is for both men and women good hair and consistency can enhance the self-esteem of an individual in their social circles. Hair weave offers the look and feel of full and long hair. Natural human hair is woven very close to existing hair as per the client’s choice in various lengths, color and texture. Thick locks of lengthy hair is fashionable colours are achieved without fear of chemicals. Hair weaving is one of the safest ways to cover baldness. It is a non-surgical, painless treatment which offers a 100% natural look.

Hair weaving provides solutions for partial and complete baldness. A patch or hair unit is affixed to the scalp with existing hair and a bridge is created with the help of a machine to support it. Hair weaving is a safe technique which does not affect scalp or harm skin. The procedure is a fixed procedure and the patch is not removable unlike hair bonding. Daily activities such as bathing, swimming and driving can be performed with ease.

Hair rebonding: Chemicals are used to treat hair to make it straight, sleek and shiny. It is a permanent procedure. Hair structure is broken down with a cream softener and relaxant and the structure is bonded once again with neutralizers.


  • Hair is shampooed and washed
  • A cream softener and relaxant is applied to each hair shaft and thin plastic board is used to keep it straight
  • After about half an hour, hair is steamed for about 40 minutes and then rinsed
  • Hair is straightened using a flat iron breaking any remaining curls
  • Hair is parted and a neutralizer is applied to stabilize the hair
  • After 30 minutes the neutralizer is rinsed off, blow dried and hair serum applied and again straightened with a straightening iron.
Hair Coloring (Ammonia Free)

Hair colouring (ammonia free): Clinic Elegance is a very transparent entity. The colour line is exquisite and at the same time, individuals coming in for hair colouring treatment are explained the intricate difference between the colour lines that are used at Clinic Elegance versus the others.

Ammonia is a preferred ingredient in hair colouring due to its ability to open the cuticle and allow colour to seep into the cortex of the hair. The greater the ammonia, the greater is the pH of hair. The secondary advantage of ammonia is to neutralize existing pigments by mixing peroxide which leads to moisture and protein loss of hair. pH of hair is lost opening the cuticle and leaving it susceptible to loss of moisture and fading of colour.

Clinic Elegance uses organic colour systems with their main ingredient as alkali which is not only instrumental in augmenting the pH of hair and but also acts as a conditioning agent, softening the cuticle. Organic colour systems work at lower pH levels and thus have minimal or no side effects.

Hair Replacement


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Clean and Non-Surgical

All the methods listed on this page to counter hair problems are completely Non-Surgical and clean. This does not mean that we do not perform them with the seriousness of the invasive ones. For us the patient satisfaction is the top priority. 


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