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Promote Hair Growth

A mixture of vitamins, minerals and/or DHT blockers is injected into the layer of fat under the skin in order to stimulate hair growth, and possibly reverse hair loss.

No Rehabilitation

This procedure requires no rehabilitation or recovery period and is performed by using completely safe materials.

Non-Surgical Procedure

This procedure is a completely non-surgical procedure that is widely used to combat hair loss and promote hair growth.


Meso means middle in Greek. Mesotherapy is a type of cosmetic treatment where plant extracts, vitamins and homeopathic medications are injected into the subcutaneous fat. Mesotherapy injections induce lyposis and cell death among the adipose fat cells. It helps weak hair to regain nutrition. It is a non-invasive therapy where multiple micro injections are administered below the epidermis.

Mesotherapy has been particularly effective in the treatment of alopecia by eliminating diffusive, androgen and telogen alopecia. Alopecia is believed to have been caused by previous disease history, stress, hormonal imbalances and lack of iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and selenium.

Several minutes after mesotherapy procedure for alopecia, the blood vessels narrow, the blood cells come out of the capillary walls and enter the cell space. Once accumulated there, fibroblasts are activated due to biologically active molecules and growth factor is induced. The hair follicle and derma structure are finally influenced growing structurally improved new hair which is actually brilliant and deep-colored.


Active substances and its benefits


Acetyl tetrapeptide-3

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth
  • Modulates DHT
  • Stimulates anchoring proteins and extra cellular matrix
  • Has direct effect on hair follicle
  • Remodels tissue increasing the size of hair follicle

Mesotherapy process

  • Topical anesthetic is applied
  • Microdose surface injection is administered with unique cocktails
  • Vitamins enter the derma directly
  • Blood circulation in scalp is improved and fat tissue is destroyed
  • Restores hormonal balance and neutralizes the effect of DHT hormone
  • Repetitive visits as per schedule is indicated to complete the treatment effectively

Our Team

Dr. Ajay Chauhan

Hair Transplant Surgeon

  • DNB (General Surgery)
  • Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Fellow of International College of Surgeons
  • Member of Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India

Dr. Anirudh Vij

Laparoscopic And Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Ashish Khare

MS - General Surgery, MBBS, MCh - Plastic Surgery

10 years Of Experience, Previously worked at Medanta Gurgaon.

Dr. Anita Chauhan

Founder Of Clinic Elegance

Role: Medical Director And Anti-Ageing Specialist (Certified By Allergan)

Qualification: MBBS MD from University Of Seychelles Fellowship In Minimal Access Surgery


  • Winner Of The Best Workplace Award [Jobbuzz, Times Jobs]
  • Sanjeevani Bhushan Award In Cosmetology
  • Winner Of STAR Brands 2018 Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year [Dubai]


Expert Team Of Senior Surgeons

Lead By Gold Medalist Surgeons

Richa Arya

Medical Advisor

Dr. Ankit Gupta

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon

Mch (Plastic Surgery), M.B.B.S, M.S. (General Surgery)

Dr. Mudasir Khan

Dermatologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon, 24 Years Experience

MBBS, Masters in Clinical Dermatology

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