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As the world knows, medical tourism in India is one of the largest sectors of the country with an estimated worth of $3 Billion projected to grow up to $8 Billion by the year 2020. India is easily the most cost efficient and highest quality option available when we speak of medical tourism destinations. The costing of procedures in India is usually a fraction of their costing in nations like United Kingdom or U.S.

We at Clinic Elegance understand the potential of this sector completely and are always working towards making this valuable experience of our foreign patients as smooth as possible. Interested patients can get in touch with us by filling the form below after which a Clinic Elegance representative will respond to your request and clear any doubts that you may have.

Why Clinic Elegance?

As our headquarters are located in New Delhi, The Heart Of India we are easily able to provide our patients with world class equipment & infrastructure which is equivalent to some of the better healthcare providers in the country. By visiting us not only would you be visiting an incredible nation but you will also be going back home with at least 60% – 70% of savings on your medical expenses.

How is the Costing So Low?

Since the costing is only a fraction of what it is in nations like United Kingdom and U.S, one might wonder what causes this difference. The main difference is that the costs of insurance and other charges in healthcare industry are much, much higher in the developed nations. These enormous charges are ultimately passed on to the patient. As a leading developing nation, India on the other hand does not have any enormous fee or insurance/other charges in the healthcare industry.

What if the patient cannot communicate in English?

Well, do not worry. as mentioned above we provide our patients with expert interpreters and translators that take care of every need of our foreign patients when it comes to communication. All of this is given at no extra cost.

How Long will the duration of the stay be?

The duration of your stay complete depends on the treatment you will be going for; each treatment has its own time-frame. Although we at Clinic Elegance, will always try to make the trip for you as short and as smooth as possible without rushing or overlooking anything so that you get the best treatment at a fraction of the costs without compromising on anything.

Will the patient get any personal and custom attention?

Not just our doctors, but even our interpreters and our foreign patients representative will give the patient their complete and customized attention. Once you have landed at our doorstep, all your worries become our worries. We will do our best to make you feel at home.

What language does the staff at Clinic Elegance speak?

All our staff, including our nurses and doctors can speak English along with multiple Indian languages fluently.

Save Time & Money

At Clinic Elegance, we try to provide the patient with both the treatment and diagnosis in the same visit. We try our best to compress everything into a short period which results in less expenses and better use of the patient’s valuable time.

Accurate Estimates

We always try to provide as accurate estimates as possible in a timely manner so that the patient and his/her family exactly know how much expenses would be incurred throughout the visit.

A Smooth Stay

We will also assist you in your stay, before and after the procedure by showering you with great offers that will be provided by our partners in the hospitality industry.

Language Won’t Be a Barrier

At Clinic Elegance, our experienced translators and interpreters are always available in person for our foreign patients to make them as comfortable as possible. Our translators attend appointments and offer any assistance needed at any time during the patients visit. All of this is provided to the patient at no extra cost since we believe that a clear consultation is every patient’s right for which there should be no extra charges.

Dedicated Staff

We have a dedicated staff that deals with our foreign patients exclusively so that our patients and their families can be assisted during and after their visit to one of our clinics.


Please keep the following information ready when our representative gets in touch with you –:

  • Name
  • Full address
  • Gender
  • Date Of Birth
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address (If Available)
  • Briefing on the current medical problem in English
  • Whether the patient will need a translator or not. In case a translator is needed then what language does the patient prefer.

Note: All Information must be as it appears on the passport of the patient.

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