Scar Removal Surgery

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Scar Revision Surgery

Having multiple centres in Delhi. Clinic Elegance is a one of its kind Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Chain that offers advanced Scar Removal Surgery at a stellar value for money. Since we believe in our product and our services, we are presently offering free analysis with our team of specialists at Clinic Elegance.
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Scar revision surgery is done to minimize the appearance of scars and create a consistent skin tone which matches the surrounding skin. Scars can be visible when a wound has healed, when they are an unavoidable result of past surgeries or trauma. Well-healed wounds and even improperly healed wounds can form scars which can be disfiguring.

Scars can be recessed or raised and appear different in color and texture from the surrounding tissue. Amount of scarring varies according to depth, size, location and age. Clinic Elegance consists of a team of experts who adept at performing non-surgical and surgical scar revisions with minimal or no procedural evidence.

Scar Revision

Treatment Options

Non-surgical scar revision

Deep FX

Deep FX is a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment which penetrates the lower part of the collagen and repairs wrinkles and deep lines. It is extremely effective as a standalone treatment or in combination with Active FX which is a gold standard laser resurfacing treatment. Fractional amounts of CO2 laser micro-beams to penetrate the deep dermal layers of the skin. Healing time is absolutely minimal because of the limited amount of skin adjusted by the laser.


A fraction of the skin’s surface is treated and bridges of skin are left to help in the healing process. A narrow column of tissue is touched by the laser and the surrounding skin is simultaneously treated. Collagen contracts immediately and remodelled resulting in smoothing of scars and wrinkles. The procedure lasts for about 20 minutes and an anaesthetic cream maybe applied prior to the treatment. A warm sensation runs over the area as the microbeam is passed over it. During the healing process, direct exposure to sunlight is avoided and gentle moisturizing and washing regimen is followed.

Dermabrasion (minimally invasive)

A special wire brush called a burr or a fraise is used to remove the upper layers of the skin. New, improved and smoother skin grows in this area. Dermabrasion softens the surface of the skin and removes irregularities of the skin.

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Surgical scar revision


One of the many procedures of scar revision is z-plasty. Hypertrophic scars are caused by massive burn injuries that can damage large areas of skin. This causes restriction in muscles, joints and tendons movements. V-shaped skin flaps which are also a type of transposition flaps are created with incisions on both sides of the scar sites. In z-plasty not only are the scars less noticeable but are also re-oriented into the skin folds.

Skin grafting

A thin layer of skin from another part of the body is placed over the injured area. A full thickness skin graft involves the fat, nerves, blood vessels and muscles extracted from the donor site of the body to be implanted on the recipient site. A split thickness skin graft extracts only the two top layers of the skin from the donor site and spread on the area to be transplanted.

Look More Attractive Than Ever:Huge scar marks can dampen your overall appearance as well. You will look more attractive than you ever did after getting rid of these scars. Don’t let a scar mark ruin your overall beauty, get in touch with us and look like the flawless person that you deserve to be.

Get Rid Of Painful Memories:Any scar mark that is visible on your body be it from accidents, burns or falls can be removed using our laser scar treatment. the redness of it can also be lessened by this very treatment. Most of all, by getting rid of haunting scar marks you get the opportunity to get rid of the painful memories that gave you these marks in the first place.

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