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Dimple Creation Surgery

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Get Those Dimples

A natural dimple is formed on the cheek when there is a deformity in the cheek musculature, the buccinators muscle. The overlying skin gets attached to the underlying tissue thereby causing a depression or a dimple upon facial animation or smiling. Clinic Elegance provides dimple creation surgeries under local anesthesia and takes very little time to perform. Our experts ensure that they speak to you in detail before and after the surgery.

Surgery Dimple creation surgery is a very natural and simple technique. It is safe and effective and takes no more than just 20 minutes. The surgery is safe, effective and reversible.

Dimple Creation

Surgery & Post Surgery

Surgery Dimple creation surgery is a very natural and simple technique. It is safe and effective and takes no more than just 20 minutes. The surgery is safe, effective and reversible.

  • Local anaesthesia is administered
  • Incisions are prepared inside the cheek and there is no scarring on the outside of the cheek
  • A punch biopsy instrument is placed on the inner cheek or buccal mucosa
  • It cuts through the mucosa, submucosal fat and cheek muscle in circular motions
  • The circular core composed of these tissues is removed
  • The gap is closed with absorbable sutures
  • A surgical ring is attached which creates dimples upon smiling
  • The skin remains intact and a shallow cylindrical defect is created under it

Post-surgical The skin flattens out in the first two weeks. The internal scarring connects the muscle to the skin creating a dimple. After care is very simple and usually involves rinsing of antiseptic solution for about a month along with a course of prescriptive antibiotics.

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Surgery can be performed on any type of cheek. The type of dimples required can also be discussed with our experts before the procedure. A bigger punch will be used for more prominent dimples. Dimple creation surgery involves minimal recovery time and an individual can resume work almost immediately.

Never Get Tired of Taking Selfies: No matter what filter you use, if your dimples are featured then its hard for your followers to resist your Instagram photos. It’s an established fact that dimples add brightness and character to the smile.

Enhance that Smile:In addition to your face, dimples will also enhance your smile. Even if you have buck teeth, crooked teeth, or spinach stuck between your teeth, your dimples will take the focus away from all those things.

Associated with Youthfulness:You will look younger every time you grin. Every smile will come with a drink from the fountain of youth as dimples are widely associated with youthfulness.

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